L'oiseau Lune Online Gallery Open!!

L'oiseau Lune Online Gallery Open!!

<Opening Announcement>
ルワゾー・ルン オンラインギャラリー オープニングのお知らせ(日本語訳は英文の後に続きます)

August 9, 2022  

Slowly and quietly, the new door to the world of L'oiseau Lune was finally unlocked and opened yesterday!

We are delighted to open the gate for people to visit and discover the world of L'oiseau Lune deeply connected with the forest and nature. The forest and nature always provide unconditionally and unlimitedly the healing and love we all need to reconnect with ourselves and remember that we are a part of them. 

This new born gallery is still under development for some sections and it will continue to grow like a living. Your visits and interactions will nurture this gallery.

Through this gallery we hope to actively connect with our friends around the world and meet more friends online and in real life. We believe that the art needs to exist more in this world and in our daily lives.

Arts and the freedom of expressions have the power to touch our inner selves and change the world we see. This is our small action to be the change we want to see in this world. 

We are thankful to finally arrive here and we welcome all of you to the L'oiseau Lune Art Gallery!!

With love and prayer for peace,

L'oiseau Lune Art Gallery
Philippe Cleenen / Artist
Akiko Kodama / Navigator


ゆっくりと静かに、ルワゾー・ルン ワールドへの新たな扉がついに昨日開かれました!





遂にここにたどり着けたことに感謝をし、皆さまをルワゾー・ルン アートギャラリーへ歓迎いたします。



ルワゾー・ルン アートギャラリー
フィリップ・クリーネン / アーティスト
児玉明子 / ナビゲーター